It is much better to wear exclusive luxury clothes than to blend into the motley thousands of Chinese brands, which are so widespread in the urban markets and bazaars. You should admit, that the piece of clothes which is made on an individual order, which perfectly sits and fits, and the most important thing – which is unique – this is the trait, that is appropriate not only for the rich people, but also for those, who respect themselves. Addressing yourself to the atelier premium class Ukraine Fashion Group, you emphasize your own look with extraordinary elements of stylish outfit. Clothes of fashionable Ukrainian brand just for you!


Making savings on oneself is not the very finest quality for a person, especially for a woman. Constantly trying to find some extra money for a new sweater for your child, new shoes for your husband or just for the dog food, forgetting about your needs and desires, you undervalue your own personality. Every woman must indulge herself with flowing dresses, bouffant skirts, sophisticated trousers or suits. And we are here to help you to satisfy this small caprice!


The atelier premium class Ukraine Fashion Group offers an individual customer tailored dress-making of exclusive fabrics, which are decorated with ribbon, bead, natural stones and sequins embroideries, enhanced with knitted elements etc. All fabrics are manufactured and decorated by hands of professional Ukrainian weavers. The delicate silk, exquisite chiffon, elegant leather or fur and many other fabrics: our designers will develop any clothing model and our tailors will sew the dress of any fabric.


Menswear, women’s and children’s clothes of premium class, sewed on order, are waiting for you in our design atelier.


By the way, you can also become our regular customer, if you buy ready-made products from one of the lines of the fashion designer Kseniia Praym:

  1. The line «UFG Ks. Praym» is represented by everyday clothing models of various styles for men and women, starting with eternal classic style up to fashionable casual.
  2. The line «Prive Ks. Praym» offers you lots of haute couture clothing models.
  3. And the line «Ks. Praym Sport» will gladden the fans of frequent trainings with comfortable clothes made of organic eco fabrics for daily physical activity.

It is high time to join the world of fashion: Ukraine Fashion Group will become your reliable guide in the world of fashion industry!